6000w Dc 12v To Ac110v 220v Voltage Converter With Led Display For Phone Tablet Solar Inverter Mini-car Power Supply

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  • Type: DC/DC Converters
  • Origin: Mainland China


Input voltage range: DC 12V (11V-14V)

Output voltage: AC110V/ 220V

Output frequency: 50HZ

USB output current: 5VDC/2.1A

Output waveform: corrected sine wave

Overheating protection: 65 ℃

Low power cut off: 10v

High power cut off: 15v

Unloading current: less than 0.9A

Conversion efficiency:>90%


1. [High power output]: It is compatible with all kinds of electrical appliances, adopts intelligent adaptation technology, and widely supports most digital and household products on the market

2. [Buzzer reminder]: When the inverter is used, when the power supply battery is insufficient and the voltage is not enough, the inverter will send out a drip warning to protect the electrical appliances from being damaged due to insufficient voltage

3. [Pure copper core power cord]: elastic alligator clip, thickened pure copper core, low energy consumption, stable transmission

4. [Thickened aluminum alloy shell]: excellent heat dissipation comes from the design and materials. The concave convex surface design+aluminum alloy shell effectively improves heat dissipation. The thickened aluminum alloy shell greatly improves heat dissipation and compression resistance

5. [Intelligent digital display large screen]: real-time display of output current/voltage

Package Included:

1 * Inverter

2 * Battery clip

1 * Cigarette lighter plug

1 * Instructions

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