1000W Solar Inverter Grid Tie MPPT MIcro Inversor Battery Discharge Power Mode with Internal Limiter Sensor 24 48 VDC 95-265VAC

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  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Output Frequency: Auto 50HZ or 60Hz
  • Output Power: 1000W
  • Output Type: single
  • Weight: 5.5
  • Size: 434x196x88mm
  • Model Number: sun-1000gtil2-lcd Solar Grid Tie Inverter with Internal Limiter Sensor
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Rated Voltage: 24V Or 48V
  • DC input voltage: 22V-90V
  • AC output: Auto 110V 220V
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • Output: Pure Sine Wave
  • MPPT Effeciency: 99%
  • Function: Micro Inversor Solar with limiter
  • Feature 1: 1000W Solar Inverter with limiter for 4*250W Solar Panel
  • Model: Sun-1000gtil2-lcd,Sun-1000gtil2-lcd
  • Recommend Solar Panel Voltage: 18V,24V,30V,36V
  • Recommend Solar Panel Cell: 36,60,72,96 cells
  • Recommend battery voltage: 24V,48V
  • Model2: SUN-1000G2

Special tips:

Due to the different communication protocols of different manufacturers, we strongly recommend that users who purchase our G2 series inverter to purchase this WIFI. (we adopt Eybond’s protocols). Otherwise, communication between WIFI and INVERTER may not be established due to different protocols.

1000w Grid Tie Inverter forSolar Panels or Battery

— working well with all kinds of Battery

–with internal Limiter / Wi-Fi connection

— Limiter sensor clamp Wi-Fi port (optional )

–Input voltage Range : DC 22V-60V or 45V-90V (optional )

–Output Voltage : AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V (automaticly)

Fig 1. A Small Grid Tie Power System with the Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter
Multiple inverters can be connected in parallel to creat bigger system.Plug and play installation

Advantage of The Sunshine Grid Tie Power System

There are many advantages of SGPV compare with the traditional grid tie power system.

1.Low cost and easy installation – SGPV can make full use of all types of buildings’ surface that face to the sun in the city as well as fast and easy installation of solar modules and grid tie inverter. It just needs very low maintenance costs.
2.Free combination – SGPV can be used as a separate grid tie system and can be setup as a large solar array with many of them. The quantity of SGPV in the array is just according to your desire. If you are planning to install a grid-tie PV system, in a general way, the solar array and inverter need to be carefully matched to ensure that the inverter’s voltage and power limits are not exceeded. When you want to increase more solar panels, and if the total power of the solar panels exceeds the allocation grid inverter, it is necessary to increase the cost of a grid inverter.
3.Combination of SGPV does not interact – The traditional solar grid tie system, they offer units ranging in high power output and these units are modular so you can have multiple units operating in parallel for large solar arrays. Although, the traditional grid inverter has MPPT feature (Maximum Power Point Tracking), but the maximum power point is according to the entire series in terms of solar panels array, if the performance of a piece of solar panels in the system, for some reason, such as leaves, bird droppings, dust, shadow, etc. and degrades, the performance of the entire solar power system will decrease.

It is in response to the overwhelming clamor from our customers for a product that can control the amount of power that the grid tie inverters (GTI) can generate so that the amount of excess power produced by the solar panels are reduced to insignificant levels, if not eliminated — because in some countries,the producer pays for the excess power it gives to the distribution grid. This is because the electric power meters (the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) are not aware of the direction of power flow. In other words it only adds even if power is exported to the grid, thus, the consumers will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid, and this is the problem

This is the 2nd generation grid tie inverter with limiter.

With the 2nd generation GTIL,we integrated the limit function inside the GTI-We call this internal limiter.In this way,No additional limiter module is needed,reduced customerrsquos cost,more easier for installation.But in case customer install inverter far away from the main circuit breaker,we also enable the 2nd GTIL work with stand-alone limiter,we call this-external limiter.For sure,the inverter can work under normal Grid tie-no limit mode,just set on the nice LCD and save your setting.

New upgraded firmware enable battery or solar limiter current and power model.

User can set the maximum output power of inverter , this can make the inverter work at cooler contition as user want and extend the lifespan of the inverter .
User can set kick in/off voltage of the inverter which can flexible using with battery bank depend on users mind and can prevent battery bank from over discharged .







Unit Price

Rated Power









DC input voltage
(Rectifier AC-DC)






MPPT Voltage





AC output

Auto: 120V(95V-140V);


For US standard 2 phase grid

Inverter Input


Auto: 50Hz(47.5-51.5Hz);60V(59.3-60.5Hz)

Power Factor


Inverter Output


Pure Sine Wave

MPPT Effeciency



1. Over Current Protection
2. Over Temperature Protection
3.Reverse Polarity Protection
4.Anti-Island Protection
5.integrate with internal limiter and external limiter function which can prevent excess power from going to the public grid

LCD display

1.utility grid AC voltage, waveform, frequency
2. every day power and power generation curve, total power
3.shows real time power, input voltage, inside temperature,date and time
4.Set the clock and date


blue(stock), Gold and Silver(custom-made)



1. . Limiter(sensor)
3. Plug(EU or USA standard)





blue(stock), Gold and Silver(custom-made)

Product Size



Packing Size



Package list:

●1000W inverter*1 (Standard)

●3M Limiter Sensor*1(Optional)

●EU Plug or US Plug*1(Standard)

●User Manual*1(Standard)

●20M Limiter Sensor*1 (Optional)

●WIFI Modem*1 (Optional)

Installation Procedure
Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Power System involves several key steps:
1.Considering the total capacity of the grid tie power system that you need.
2.Choosing applicable solar panels for Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.
3.Selecting accessory for installation of the Grid Tie Power System .
4.Selecting correct model of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.
5.Installing solar panels to suitable place.
6.Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter to suitable place.
7.Connecting Sunshine Grid Tie Power System with cables and connectors.
8.Grounding the system.
9.Completing Sunshine installation map and Connecting the PV modules.
There is 2 method of connecting inverter.
Comparing the connected method 1 and 2, we can see that method 2 is the good choice, because with method 1, the DC cables is more thick, so it is more expensive, and three pairs of connectors for parallel connecting plus three pairs of MC4 connectors should be used.But with method 2, the DC cables is thin, and just a pair of connectors for parallel connecting and a pair of MC4 connector should be used.
Installing larger capacity of grid tie power system
Sometimes, maybe you are willing to install larger capacity of grid tie inverter in your house, this is also very easy to operate. For example, you want to install 2KW grid tie power system, you can install two 1KW grid tie power systems as shown in Method 2 ,  two AC output cables should be all connected to the AC outlet of the utility grid with the plugs. The diagram of the 2KW grid tie system with two 1KW sytem are shownin following picture,  we call  this kind system as “Stackable System”.
You can install any capacity of grid tie power system by stack small grid tie power systems. For example, if you want to install 12KW grid tie power system, there are many choices, you can stack six 2KW grid tie power systems, or twelve 1KW gird tie systems, or stack twenty-four 500W grid tie power systems, or  stack fourty-eight 250W grid tie power system, even you can mix different capacity grid tie power systems to gain large capacity system.
Installing Sunshine Grid Tie Power System to Three Phases Utility Grid.

When the Capacity of Gird Tie Power System is larger, intall all the power system to one

phase of the utility grid is not reasonable, maybe this will cause unbanlance of the three
phase of the utility grid.
In this section, we will explain how to install Sunshine Power System to three phases utility
grid seperately in order to balance the fed power.

Additional information


20M Limiter Sensor, With Wifi Modem, Without Wifi Modem

Input Voltage

22V-60VDC, 45V-90VDC

Output Voltage

95V-265VAC Auto