4/5/6Pcs Set Damaged Screw Extractor Center Drill Bit Set Woodworking Tools Broken Bolt Extractor Bolts Screws Remover Extractor

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  • DIY Supplies: Woodworking
  • Type: Center Drill Bit
  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China

The screw extractor is made of 4341 material with a hardness of about 58-60. It can be used for most iron and ordinary steel screws. If the screw you want to take out is a material with higher hardness such as stainless steel, it may not be drilled or slipped during use.

Product Parameters:

Name:Broken Screw Extractor
Material:Tungsten Carbide Tip
Packaging Options:With Box/without Box

Instructions For Use:

1. Choose A Screw Extractor Smaller Than The Damaged Screw And Drill A Hole Deep Enough In The Middle Of The Screw Head With A Drill Bit.
2. Remove The Screw Extractor And Then Reverse The Screw Extractor.
3. Slowly Turn The Hand Drill Counterclockwise To Drill, But Do Not Use High-speed Drilling.

NOTE: The Deeper The Hole Is, The Easier The Screw Will Be Removed.

— The Removal Drill Is Specially Designed For Slipping Or Broken Screws. The Stuck Or Rusted Screws Need To Be Operated Together With The Hand Drill, And The Speed Should Be Slow, Not Too High Or Suddenly Accelerated. The Whole Process Needs To Be Reversed. Opening One End First And Then Taking The Other End Out Has A High Success Rate.
— The Hardness Is Between 58 Degrees And 60 Degrees, And There Is No Problem With Wood Screws (not Suitable For Steel Plate Operation)
— The Remover Is Suitable For Orthodontic Screws, But Not For Reverse Screws

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