Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker Smart Kitchen Exquisite Control Kitchen Induction Edition Youth Edition Electric Furnace Board

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  • Supports Time Setting: Yes
  • Time to market: 2010
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Operation: Knob
  • Reservation: Yes
  • Panel Type: Glass Panel
  • Model Number: MIJIA Induction Cooker Youth Edition DCL002CM
  • Others: Yes
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Function: Water Boiling
  • Cooker: Three-cooker
  • Heat Gear: 9 files
  • Energy Efficiency Index: 3
  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Power (W): 200w
  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Nombre de la marca: Xiaomi
  • Engranaje de calor: 9 documents
  • Function: Temperature adjustment
  • Support time adjustment.: No
  • Size: 28 *26.5 *7cm
  • Voltage: 220V -50Hz

Main Characteristics of Kitchen Cooking Youth Edition

* 2100 W Power, Thick Coil, Low Power Continuous Heating
– Double Counterbid Price, Stability and Persistence
* Insulation of Cold and Hot Ventilation Pipes
* High temperature protection system.
* 9 Degree Low Power Adjustment
Beautiful body, round and easy to store.

Kitchen Cooking Youth Edition
High power coil, 9 gears, variable frequency control temperature.
Power 2100, thick coil, continuous low power heating.

Beautiful body, round and easy to store.

Turn the button and open it.
Search between points
Turn the button to adjust the power of the flame
The quick press break /La Prensa Wide is off.
156 mm coil, very firepower
Thickness booster coil, double-layer super-strong design, unified magnetic coverage, more unified heating and performance greatly improved.
2100 W
High firepower and rapid heating.
Heating stability

Traditional induction kitchen will have intermittent heating problem, unstable temperature will lead to oven failure. To solve this problem, millet induction kitchen using dual-frequency heating technology can provide you with cooking experience. Conventional

Double-slip, stable and durable.
The panel is made of high temperature resident non-slip silicone to make the pot more stable.
It can be assembled and easy to clean.
Hot and cold air isolation structure, adding fans.
Internal cooling, secret the life of the product.
build-in system high temperature protection, safe and secure.
build-in temperature sensor, when the temperature recovery the set temperature, it will automatically stop heating.
When is no pot, the heating is automatically stopped.
Beautiful and performance coexists, convenent, and delicious.

European Plug Adapter (pin 2 Round pins)
The situation in most European countries, most African countries, most countries in the Middle East, South Korea, Chile and Paraguay

American plug adapter. U.S.A. (2 flat nails)
The United States, Canada, most of the countries of North and South America, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, etc.

Australia / New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia, New Zealand, Argentina

United Kingdom socket adapter (PIN 3 PINES plane)
England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

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