WiFi GSM Home Security Protection Smart Alarm System LCD Screen Burglar Kit Tuya APP Remote Control Arm And Disarm Support Alexa

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  • Zone Number: 99
  • Alarm Type: The Alarm,SMS,PSTN,Apps Control
  • Output Number: 0
  • Model Number: GSM30A
  • Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor
  • Size: 18×13.5x3cm
  • Power: 12V
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Arming Type: APP
  • Video Interface: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • Password Keyboard: Yes
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Smart home platform: Alexa,Tuya,Google Assistant

Tuya GSM&WiFi Alarm System Smart Home Security Protection Alarm Kit Support Wireless Accessories Alexa Voice Control Smart Life APP

Product description:
● WiFi+ GSM home alarm system with LCD display.

●Press Keypad, easy to operate.

●99 wireless zones + 7wired zones,, 8pcs wireless remote controllers (App can only show 50 defense zones at most).

● Can store 6 phone numbers: when alarming, system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically.

● Can store 3 SMS numbers: when alarming, system will send alarming SMS automatically.

● 3 groups of timely arm and disarm.

● 10-second automatic message recording.

● The names of each defense zone can be revised.

● Program the defense zone into immediate, delay, 24hours, doorbell , elder zone, bypass model.

●Remote control in different places, host arming, disarming, monitoring, intercom and other functions.

● Low battery alert of the accessories.

● Built-in rechargeable battery; Power-Off SMS notification.

● Program the alarm position. It can define the names as you like or use the suggested name such as SOS, fire alarm, gas alarm, door alarm etc.

●Remotely monitoring alarm: When accident invasion,the phone remotely grasp the situation,high decibel live alarm  through the host timely dial,send SMS notification,APP message push.

Product Image:

Thanks for using our products ,This system will provide full protection in 24hours for your house and property.

The wireless alarm system adopts advanced digital security technology. It is high reliability and low false alarm rate. Though the design is simple, the function of the system is very strong. It includes the functions of anti-fire, anti-burglar, anti-gas leakage , anti-intrusion, and SOS Emergency etc. The wireless detectors which pair with the system have the humanized functions of anti-interference, avoiding the false alarm etc. The alarm systems have been used widely in home, shop, financial office, villa, and apartment etc all over the world.

To ensure your safety and the proper using the system, please read the user manual carefully before the installation.

Descriptionof GSM&WIFI Alarm Panel

Input Voltage: DC12V 1A

Standby Current: ≤70mA

Alarm Current: ≤300mA

Backup Battery: 7.4V Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Back-up battery charging time: Battery switch ON, 4H to charge; 4H standby for full charged

Wired Siren volume: 120dB (180s to alarm as default)

Alarm host Receiving Frequency: 433MHz(±75KHz),PT2262/4.7MΩ EV1527/300K

alarming telephone numbers: 6 groups

Wireless accessory: 8pcs remote controller; 99pcs detectors

Factory default program password: 8888

Factory default Operation password: 1234

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Description of 433Mhz Motion PIR:

Input voltage: 9V 6F22

Standby current: ≤35uA

Alarm current: ≤45mA

Wireless frequency: 433M±75KHZ 330K EV1527

Wireless distance: ≤80M (in open space)

Detection distance: 8M/110°

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Humidity: <80% RH

Description of 433MHz Door Sensor:

Input voltage: 12V 23A

Standby current: ≤10uA

Alarm current: ≤45mA

Wireless frequency: 433M ±75KHZ 330K EV1527

Wireless distance: ≤80M (in open space)

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Humidity: <80% RH

Description of 433MHZ Remote controller

Input voltage: 3V CR2032

Standby current: ≤10uA

Alarm current: ≤15mA

Wireless frequency: 433M ±75KHZ 330K EV1527

Wireless distance: ≤80M (in open space)

Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Humidity: <80% RH

Product package included:

1xAlarm Panel

1xMotion Sensor

1xDoor Sensor

2xRemote Control

1xWired Siren


1xUser manual


Alarm Panel

① Please insert SIM card firstly, then turn on the backup battery switch. Or else, alarm host can’t find SIM card;

② Please connect wired siren to alarm host before turn on the backup battery switch;

③ Keep the backup battery switch ON to keep the battery in charging all the time;

④ SIM Card signal up to 3 to work normally

Motion PIR

To avoid the false alarm, please pay attention to the following points in stalling the PIR motion detector:

① Do not face the glass door/window.

② Do not face the big object which is easy to swing.

③ Do not face the cold and heat air vent or cold and heat source.

④ The furniture, miniascape, or any other isolations should be away from the detecting scope.

⑤ Do not install 2 or more detectors in the same area or it will cause the interference when alarm.

Door sensor

The gap between the magnet and the sensor should be less than 10mm.

② After the installation, if the indicate light of the detector is on when the door is opened, it proves it is

installed successfully.

③ If the indicate light of the door detector flashes when it is triggered, it means the battery of the sensor is in low

voltage, and you need to change the battery as soon as possible.

④ The transmit distance of the detectors is less than 80meters in the open area. Please test the distance before

installing. The obstacles will change the transmitting distance.


System Inspection:

The system need the periodic inspection to ensure the stable and safe work. We suggest the users inspect the

system per three months and inspect the detectors per month.

Alarm Host Inspection:

● Check whether the host can receive the signals from detectors normally and the back-up

battery work normally or not.

● Check whether the host can arm or disarm normally.

● Check whether the host can call through the phone numbers when alarm occurs.

Detector Inspection:

● Trigger the detector by hand to check whether it can send the alarm signal successfully.

● Check the battery of each detector to see whether it is short of voltage


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