Tuya S1 WIFI Digital Thermostat Socket Incubator Temperature Controller Outlet With Timer 10A/16A AC220V For Heating Cooling

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  • Model Number: Smart Temperature Control System
  • Wattage: 
  • Brand Name: Aubess
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Product name: WiFi version temperature controller
  • Input voltage: AC85~26550/60Hz
  • Power range: 3680W
  • Firmware Update: Wifi Networking Upgrade
  • Power-off memory: support
  • Mobile phone remote: support WiFi remote operation
  • Current range: 3 holes 16A/5 holes 10A
  • Smart Temperature Control System: S1 WIFI Tuya Digital Thermostat Socket
  • Family Intelligence System: Wifi Tuya Thermostat Socket
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Current range: 3 holes 16A/5 holes 10A

User Manual and Software Download

1.User Manual download:http://en.atorch.cn/Download.aspx?ClassID=4
2.APP download: Search in google play or apple app store: “tuya” or “smart life” app


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France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland

S1 Temperature and humidity controller – Display Panel: 2.4 inches TFT-LCD HD Display Panel Graphic 240X320 RGB Dot-matrix

A temperature control instrument that can be remotely controlled through a mobile phone
(No matter where you are,You can control the instrument remotely through your mobile phone!)

In order to welcome the Internet of Everything (IoT) era, Juwei technology engineers have worked hard for several days, after many hardware version experiments, code upgrades and interface optimization, to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-use and applicable ATorch Power Socket that meets the expectations of the majority of users. One project can be prepared at home. The equipment can realize remote measurement and control on the Internet, remote voltage and current electricity bill measurement on mobile phones, remote query of cloud electricity monthly report and annual report, intelligent AI voice control, multiple programming control, overvoltage and overcurrent Power automatic power-off safety control, and high-definition color screen display various contents, such as detection of current voltage, current, power, electricity, frequency, power factor measurement data, network display of air quality index, PM2.5 concentration, today’s temperature today, humidity, and calendar time and week The data needed for life, combined with programs such as intelligent charging and power-off, can also realize safe charging and power saving, etc., plus the WiFi version of the power bank remote free firmware upgrade function, to achieve a lifetime free update service for one purchase.

Features of S1 WIFI:

1.Remote Control:Connect the S1 Wi-Fi Temperature controller to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, then you can monitor or adjust the Temperature on your phone through the app at any time anywhere.
2.One Relay Same Output:Support one equipment. Auto,ON,OFF
Voltage: 85-265VAC 50/60Hz,
Current:10A. Maximum 16A
Power: 1200W(120VAC), 2200W(220VAC). MAX Power:3680W(230VAC)
Humidity measurement range: 1 ~ 99% RH.
Temperature measurement range: -20 ~ 120°C
Plug-n-Play:No complicated installation required.
Display the set temperature value and the measured temperature value at the same time with 2.4″ inch high screens.
Support Temperature calibration:
Support Tuya and smart life app
Support °C or °F temperature unit setting switch


1.Metal magnetic probe and temperature Do not put probes or metal wire into fire.
2.Metal magnetic probe probe Do not put probes into water, it may lead to inaccurate measurements.
3.Only support2.4GHz Wi-Fi(Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n).
4.Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi Connection for iOS⩓roid(Tuya or Smart Life APP)

Protective function

Over-voltage automatic power-off protection,
Over-current automatic power-off protection,
Over-power automatic power-off protection,
Long press the ” ” button to enter another function test interface
For more gameplay, please see the specific introduction!

Three operating modes

1.Switch interface (ON/OFF)
2. Heating mode control
3. Cooling mode control
Notes:This interface is in the mobile APP mode.

Remote control APP (smart life APP or Tuya APP) pairing network operation method!

Please search for “smart life” or “Tuya” app in Google Play or Apple Store

A variety of high-definition color screen designs 2.4-inch high-definition color English display

WiFi network configuration and introduction

APP Timing setting and timing temperature setting

Timer switch ON/OFF: In this mode, you can follow the steps below to set the timer switch function to turn off or turn on the device in a certain period of time
1.This function is equivalent to a remote switch and also a timing switch


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