Smart Hanging Neck Massager EMS Muscle Massager Portable Hot Compress Neck and Cervical Spine Massager SPA Relaxation Treatment

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  • Application: NECK
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Brand Name: CAMMUO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Color: Silver, red
  • Product net weight: 58g
  • Massage Principles: Magnetic, hot applied, EMS micro current
  • Rated voltage (V): 5v/1A
  • Rated power (W): 5W
  • Temperature regulation: Support
  • Battery capacity: 600mAH
  • Power supply: Type-C charging
  • Feature 1: Hanging Neck Massager
  • Feature 2: Muscle Massager
  • Feature 3: Neck and Cervical Spine Massager
  • Feature 4: Neck massage device
  • Feature 5: Low-frequency massage machine

Smart Hanging Neck Massager EMS Muscle Massager Portable Hot Compress Neck and Cervical Spine Massager SPA Relaxation Treatment


Material: ABS

Color: silver

Product net weight: 58g

Weight: about 0.22kg

Packing size: 19.2*14*4cm

Rated voltage (V): 5v/1A

Net state current: below 1uA

Rated power (W): 5W

Battery capacity: 600mAH

Portable accompanying cervical spine massager

Portable pendant type cervical spine massager

9-speed force adjustment

Customize your every massage experience

Press+/-with one click to select the appropriate force gear for yourself

1-3 Gears

Suitable for daily neck care

4-6 Gears

Suitable for chronic cervical strain

7-9 Gears

Suitable for neck injuries in headrests

Warm surrounding SPA like pleasant enjoyment

Three levels of freedom to choose temperature and refuse to burn the skin

Low temperature: 37-42

Medium temperature: 42-47

High temperature: 47-52

From low to high, further reducing cervical pressure

Fast paced life leads to a series of cervical problems

Acid: Shoulder and neck strain

Bloating: Stiffness and discomfort

Stiff: Pain and soreness

Four major massage modes

Comprehensive, tapping kneading, and pressing modes

Free elastic ring buckle for skin friendly and comfortable massage

Tighten the buckle rope to make the massager better fit the cervical spine

58g effortless and effortless wearing experience

By balancing and comparing various products in the industry, we ha e achieved a golden weight ratio from their shape and weight, achieving a more comfortable wearing experience while meeting high performance requirements

15 days of battery life on a single charge

Built in 1200mAh polymer battery, used once a day for 15 days

Enjoy comfortable and deep relaxation of the cervical spine

Crisp and numb, like every nerve stretching its waist

270° fitting massage

Ergonomic curve electrode design

Freely fit parts of the body

Portable on the go

Go as soon as you say, portable design, lightweight and suitable for travel

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