Retractable Bottle Opener Multifunctional Stainless Steel Labor-Saving Glass Wine Beer Can Jar Gripper Tight Lid Open Screw Cap

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  • Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked
  • Model Number: Retractable Bottle Opener
  • Openers Type: Jar Openers
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Openers
  • Name: Jar Opener
  • Features: Stainless Steel Can Opener
  • Model: Multifunctional Retractable Bottle Opener

Retractable: The retractable Bottle opener is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and easy to clean. It can open various bottles, cans, and other containers. Scalable and elongated, suitable for different bottle cap sizes, with a maximum usable bottle cap diameter of 2.5-9.5cm, which can basically open 90% of daily bottle caps.
Ergonomic handle: The ergonomic handle design is comfortable and easy to use. Its contour fits your hand and provides firm grip. The scientific lever principle allows for easy opening of the lid, with an extended grip arm, even the tightest lid can be easily opened, with priority given to women with low strength.
Gear bite design, non slip lid: High strength stainless steel gear is used to firmly fix the lid in place, making it easier to open.
Multifunctional design for assisting bottle opening: a versatile design suitable for daily use.
Light and compact: This Bottle opener is light and compact, convenient to carry. Magnetic suction function, suitable for wall hanging and storage at home.
Durable: The Bottle opener is made of nylon and stainless steel, which is strong and durable. Selected stainless steel gears, non rusting, intact as new, with guaranteed quality.
Material: stainless steel+nylon
Color: Grey/Black/Red/Blue
Size: 21 * 5.2 * 3.8CM
Weight: 96 grams

Packaging list:
Telescopic Bottle opener * 1

Key Features


Retractable: The retractable opener is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. It can open a variety of bottles, cans, and other containers. Retractable and elongated, suitable for different cap sizes, maximum useable cap diameter 2.5-9.5cm, basically can open 90% of the daily bottle caps

Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and ease of use. It’s contoured to fit your hand and provides a secure grip. Scientific lever principle, easy to open the lid, extended hand grip arm, even the tightest lid can be easily opened, small strength ladies priority

Gear bite design, no slipping of the lid : High-strength stainless steel gears are selected to hold the cap firmly in place, making it easier to open.

 Multi-functional design to assist in bottle opening : Multi-purpose design for everyday use

 Lightweight and Compact: This opener is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around with you. Magnetic suction function for wall mounting and storage at home

 Durable: The opener is made of Nylon and stainless steel, making it tough and long-lasting. Selected stainless steel gears, no rust, as good as new, quality assurance.



Material: Stainless steel + nylon

Colour: Gray/black/red/blue

Size: 21*5.2*3.8CM

Weight: 96g


Package Includes


1* Multifunctional Retractable Bottle Opener



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Black, Blue, Red, White