Nandme NX9000 Electric Toothbrush Ultrasonic IPX7 Waterproof Smart LCD display Inductive charging Deep Cleaning Tooth Brush

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  • Function: Deep cleaning mode,Whitening mode,Mode "gentle cleaning"
  • Bristle stiffness: SOFT
  • Power type: Rechargeable
  • Number of operating modes: 4 or more
  • Type: Acoustic Wave
  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: DuPont fur
  • Age Group: All
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C,ce
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Electric Toothbrush
  • Brush head material: DuPont fur
  • Working mode: 5 modes
  • Key: Single button
  • Charging mode: contact charging
  • Waterproof grade: IPX7
  • Motor type: Magnetic levitation acoustic motor
  • working voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery Specification: Lithium ion /14430/600mah
  • Endurance time: 50 days (in sensitive mode)
  • Vibration frequency: 30000-36000 times / min
  • feature1: Commercial,High-fashion toothbrush
  • feature2: Portable electric toothbrush

Nandme NX9000 Electric Toothbrush Ultrasonic IPX7 Waterproof Smart LCD display Inductive charging Deep Cleaning Tooth Brush


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Nandme NX9000 toothbrush Features

1.【LCD Smart Screen&Aviation aluminum alloy metal case】
The combination of the LCD screen and aviation-grade aluminum alloy exclusively grasps the beauty of technology.

2.【High frequency sound VIBRATION technology】

Real sound movement provides powerful cleaning action;41000 VPM super cleaning power;4.0 Maglev Sonic Motor

3.【Noise Reduction】

Ultrasonic active noise reduction and mute technology (<45db-Nandme NX9000 Electric Toothbrush)

4.【Soft, food-safe materials DUPONT rust preventive bristles without copper】

Copper-free anti-rust bristles : 1. Provide a hygienic and healthy oral cavity 2. Lush arrangement reduces the proliferation of bacteria.

PS:Metallic copper easily collects rust , A sparse arrangement leads to dirt and bacteria.

5.【DuPont Bristles】

Soft Food Grade Materials DuPont Bristles;Copper-free Rust-proof Bristles

6.【IPX7 Waterproof】

Strong security against moisture and water ingress

7.【Good Gift For Selection】

Professional Oral Care;High-tech and nice gift-boxed,Good gift for selection.

Nandme NX9000
“MEN”Exclusive Sonic Electric Toothbrush

7 upgraded design (to show the charm of men)

Aluminum alloy body

LCD intelligent large screen

5 brushing modes

Super quiet

36000 times/min high frequency vibration

IXP level 7 waterproof

12 brush heads / 3 years free replacement

Matte black, frosted, LCD Screen
,Mature, restrained, mysterious

Black tone with frosted texture, showing men’s mature charmAircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage

Sturdy and corrosion resistant

Demonstrate the tough quality of menSmart LCD intelligent screen, brush the teeth in control

Master brushing mode, brushing time, remaining power and other data, brush your teeth more easily5 brushing modes, meet daily cleaning needs

Specially prepared for the competent "MAN", equipped with only 5 modes,  easy to operateSilent care, showing the softness of the iron man

Ultrasonic active noise reduction technology, noise as low as 45dbSuper cleaning power, professional protection of dental health

36000 times/min high frequency vibration, cleaning power increased by 50% compared to other electric toothbrushesWaterproof all over, no fear of moisture and water immersion

IXP level 7 waterproof, flush with use, clean without worryEternal Guardianship

Equipped with 12 brush heads and 3 years free exchange service, making you use 3 years without worry



Q:What is the material of the toothbrush body?

A:Aviation grade aluminum alloy


Q:How effective is the cleaning power of this toothbrush?

A:NX9000 electric toothbrush cleaning power upgrade,Micro vibration deep cleaning motor,Powerful and low vibration,Give you a clean oral environment


Q:What can smart LCD screen display?

A:cleaning mode, remaining battery level, brushing Countdown, brushing result


Q:Super Quiet?

A:Yes,Ultrasonic active noise reduction and mute technology,Whiten teeth quietly and feel more caring


Q:How long will the 12 brush heads last?

A:3 years, it is recommended to replace the toothbrush every 3 months


Q:Will the brush head of this toothbrush be harder?

A:Regarding this toothbrush, we have matched 12 toothbrush heads (6 soft-bristled toothbrushes + 6 hard-bristled toothbrushes),

The material of the bristles is made of DuPont bristles, high round grinding rate, which is strong and wear-resistant, and has strong cleaning power.Please choose a brush head according to your own teeth


Q:What does IPX 7 waterproof mean?

A: IPX7: Anti-immersion type, even if immersed in water under specified conditions, it will not enter the interior, and the product can be used normally without being affected


Q:What are the warranties and services for our products?

A:3 years warranty, free replacement within 3 years

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12 brush head, 2 brush head