Irrigation Timer Tuya Smart Phone Ip55 Waterproof Blue Tooth Automatic Water Timer Equipment Smart Life Smart Watering Timer

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Timer Type: Ac Pro
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Garden Water Timers

Main Function:

1.Automatic irrigation through App

2.4 ways of irrigation methods: Normal irrigation, cycle/soak, Manual irrigation on App, Manual irrigation by button

3.Bluetooth connection up to 15 meters

4.Record irrigation history and store in your app.

5.Weather delay, you can set a weather delay to stop the irrigation cycle for certain tie.

6.Water proof, IP55 water proof. No fear to rain.

Technical Parameter:

1.1/2"& 3/4" female thread inlet . 3/4" male thread outlet & Quick connection out let

2.Product include: Timer * 1, Manual * 1, Raw tape * 1

3.Required battery: AA battery

4.Lasting time: 6 month

5.Valve: Electric valve( not ball valve)

6.Water proof level: IP55

7.Working temperature: 4.5℃~45℃

8.Working pressure: 0.05~0.8Mpa

irrigation mode:

watering frequency: At least one minute

watering times: No limit

watering duration: from 1 min to 24h


This timer could work with smart phone app.( you can check out the QR code in the manual to download the app) With blue tooth connection, you can control the timer from up to 15 meters away. Every convenient.


This app allows you to manually start watering and you can set watering time too.
Also, it could set different watering cycle easily.
Rain delay could be set by this app within a second.
Timer automatically records every irrigation move, and save it in the app for you to check out.


There are 4 ways to start watering:

1.Normal schedule: you can set it in the app, it allows the timer to work 1 time on the date you want of each week.

2.Cycle/soak: Set in the app, you can set a starting time and on each day of your setting, timer will water in cycle to make water soaked.

3.APP manual: Set watering time in the app and press the start button to start watering.

4.Manual watering: You can start watering by pressing the button on the timer.


Our timer has IP55 water proof. No fear to rain. And the battery sack is protected by O-ring seal, making sure the battery is dry all the time.


IF there are rains outside, you don’t want to water your plants under the rain. In this case, use a rain delay will help you solve this problem. You can set a certain time in your app to stop the watering timer from watering for that time. And it will automatically start watering cycle when pass this period.


This timer has 1/2"& 3/4" female thread inlet. 3/4" male thread outlet & Quick connection out let. They works fine with most of garden tap and connections. There is a raw tape also which helps you stop little leaking between threads.


1.Twist the timer face
2.Open the timer face
3.Open the O-ring seal
4. Add 2 pcs batteries in the battery sack
5.Seal the battery sack
6.Put back timer face
7.Down load the APP
8.Match the timer to your app through bluetooth
9.Setting up your irrigation cycle
10.Connect timer to a watering system
11.Start watering
12.6 months battery life


With WIFI hub, you can connect to the WIFI hub wherever there is internet. And WIFI hub can control up to 32 pcs of timer. Ultimate free to control your timers


This manual records everything you need to know about the timer. Please check out the manual before setting the timer

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