Hydroponic Growing System 21 Pods Smart Indoor Garden 4.8-inch Screen Intelligent 4-in-1 System App&WiFi Control LED Light

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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Set Type: YES
  • Model Number: Intelligent Planting Machine
  • Finishing: Vinyl Coated
  • Plastic Type: PVC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Nursery Pots
  • Type1: indoor gardening hydroponics
  • Type2: indoor gardening
  • Type3: Flower&Green Plant
  • Type4: Hydroponics growing system
  • Type5: hydroponics
  • Type6: system hydroponic
  • Type7: smart garden
  • Type8: hydroponic grow kit
  • Type9: pod system
  • Type10: growing system
  • Type11: seedling tray
  • Type12: hydroponic system complete
  • Type13: plant grow
  • Type14: germination tray
  • Type15: Garden Supplies & Garden Accessories
  • Type16: hydroponic system complete
  • Type17: Hydroponics Garden Planter Pots for flower pot,Seeds,Florarium
  • Type18: Garden Pots Planters,Large planters plants,Vegetable
  • Type19: Garden Accessories Home Flowers Seeds,greenhouses
  • Number of Plant:: 21 Pots
  • Type:: Nursery Pots
  • System Power Input(EU/UK/AU Plug):: EU/UK/AU PLUG: 220-240V
  • Illumination Mode:: Veg Mode&Flower Mode

Product name:

Intelligent hydroponic incubator

Accessories list:

adapter, customized basket, planting sponge, nutrient solution, seeds (excluding nutrient solution and seeds from overseas), manual, water tank.

Weight: 4kg

Size: 40X28X14CM

Color: Image color

Application scenarios: home gardening planting, balcony planting, hotel planting

Suitable for planting: leafy vegetables, small fruits (such as strawberries)


1. A total of 21 planting holes,

2. A maximum power of 36 watts LED lighting system, with specific plant growth spectra, and growth lights automatically turning on and off.

3. Adjust the growth mode through the touch control panel.

4The water pump works for 5 minutes and rests for 10 minutes. Recycle fresh water once

5 stainless steel appearance body, improving the level of decoration and decoration functions

6.4.8-inch color LCD display screen with a strong sense of technology

7.The brightness of the plant lamp is adjustable at 8 levels, suitable for plants and environments with different lighting intensities

Planting methods

1. Seed soaking

2. Wrap the seeds in a damp towel until they sprout

3. Buds buried in sponges, exposed to sunlight

4. Daily wet sponge

5. Add low proportion nutrient solution

6. Place the seedlings in a fixed planting basket

7. Transplant to planting rack

8. Picking vegetables after maturity

9. Various foods

Package includes:

hydroponic planter X1

Suitable for growing strawberries, leafy vegetables, and flowers in homes/hotels/farms/greenhouses/greenhouses.

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