Garden Sprinkler 360° Rotation Irrigation Watering System Automatic Agriculture Garden Lawn Farm Greenhouse Spray Nozzle Tool

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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Sprinklers
  • Product name: Spray nozzle
  • Connection method: threaded connection
  • Spray diameter: 0-12m
  • Atomization diameter: 8-14 meters
  • Connection size: 1/2 4 points DN15
  • Applicable scenario: applicable to multiple scenarios


Product Name: Nozzle

Connection method: threaded connection

Spray diameter: ~ 0-12m

Atomization diameter: 8-14 m

Connection size: 1/2(4 points) DN15

Applicable scenarios: applicable to multiple scenarios


1.0-360 degree adjustable spraying nozzle, spraying diameter about 0-12 m | 0-360 degree adjustable spraying

2. Simple connection, convenient use, quick connection and threaded connection, tighter

3. The dual-purpose product upgrade and upgrade has a wide range of applications. After the product is upgraded, it can be used alone or in series, which is more convenient to use and has a wider range of applications.

4. Water pressure/pipe diameter/flow rate, the larger the effect, the better, the fine spray is sprayed around like raindrops, the fixed-point small-scale spray, the water pressure is stronger

5. Spray in series, which can be watered in a large range. The series is related to water pressure.

6. Multiple spray can be connected in series according to needs. If it is the same faucet, the more spray pressure will be smaller.

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1 * Nozzle

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