ELPIS 5 Liters Air Fryer LED Touchscreen Smart Air Fryer Oil Free Oven Stainless Steel Electric Fryer Kitchen Cooking Appliances

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  • Housing Material: other
  • Model Number: AF589ST
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Brand Name: ELPIS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • type: freidora de aire sin aceite
  • type2: air fryers
  • style: kitchen
  • category: cooking
  • type3: freidora sin aceite
  • function: deep fryer
  • function2: toaster
  • style2: air fryer oven
  • category2: friteuse a air chaud
  • Use1: hot air fryer
  • service: air fryer free shipping
  • use2: electric fryer
  • service2: airfryer free shipping
  • style4: Electric air fryer
  • style5: electric air fryer oven
  • capacity: air fryer xxl
  • type5: oil-free air fryer
  • type6: oil-free fryer


ELPIS 5L Air Fryer Oil Free Digital Touchscreen Hot Air fryer Smart Preset Menu Electric Oven with Nonstick Tray Cook Appliances


– PTFE non-stick material air fryer.
– Multifunctional, Eco-friendly, Fat reduce 80%.
– BPA and PFOA Free, harmless to health.
– Double fan design, greater airflow, more even heating of food.
– 8 Preset menus, one-touch switching.
– Food-grade cermic coating, easy to clean.


Brand: ELPIS
Product Name: 5L Smart Air fryer.
Model NO.: AF589ST
Power (W): 1400W
Voltage (V): 110V/220V-240V
Temperature: 80-200°C/170-400 °F
Timer: Up to 30 minutes.
Capacity: Air fryer 5l.
Material: Carbon Steel, High temperature PP, Aluminum.
Shape: Round
Control Mode: Digital Touchscreen

ELPIS Oil Free Low Fat Air Fryer Oven

– 5-Liter large capacity, to meet the needs of the family.
– 360 ° circulating hot air, even baking.
– 1400 Watts of power, fast heating, lock the moisture of the food.
– Dynamic autonomous temperature control, ingredients are not easy to scorch.
– Oil-free hot air cooking, enjoy low-calorie healthy food.

360° Hot air circulation technology

– All-around no dead angle heating food, quickly squeeze out the internal oil.
– High-speed hot air makes the food heated more evenly, forming a crispy texture on the outside and tender inside.
– With the ELPIS commercial air fryer, you’ll say goodbye to the high-calorie food brought by the traditional deep fryer !

The core secret weapon of ELPIS electr air fryer – high power heating tube

– 304 stainless steel food grade material, safe and reliable to use.
– 1400 watt power round heating tube, instant release of high temperature heat.
– Forming a coking layer on the surface of the food, locking the internal moisture, the taste is crispy outside and tender inside.

Separate partitioning of temperature and time

– Temperature range of 80-200°C and time adjustment of 0-30 minutes
– Independent operation control of time and temperature to customize different cooking processes for different ingredients
– If you are a kitchen novice, you can also choose the ELPIS chef’s carefully designed preset menu for you.
– If you are a cooking veteran, this air fryer cooker will allow you to show off your skills.

5 Liters-capacity is perfect for a whole family.

– This free shipping air fryer has been carefully designed to suit the whole family.
– The spacious 5-liters allows you to make a whole 2-kg fried chicken for the whole family.

Automatic power off and with memory function

– You can remove the basket at any time during the cooking process and the fryer will automatically stop working.
– When you put the basket back, it will automatically return to the previous cooking state without you having to reset the time and temperature.

Food grade non-stick coating

– The air fryer pot is made of food-grade coating material to protect the health of you and your family.
– At the same time, because of the addition of ceramic components, help fryer lasting non-stick, easy to clean.

Elegant appearance and exquisite workmanship

– Small body, large capacity.
– Stylish styling like a work of art to refresh your kitchen.

ELPIS is always committed to the polishing of every product detail.

– 304 food grade stainless steel heating tube, safe and durable.
– Wider and larger handle to effectively prevent burns.
– The 45° inclined air outlet is more conducive to hot air discharge and stable motor operation.
– The middle of the pot and the outer wall has a hollow design to prevent burns.

Package List

1 x Air fryer
1 x Fryer tray
1x Manual
1x Recipe book

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