Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Snow Remover vehicle airfreshner Solar perfume Diffuser car Microwave Deicing

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  • Special Features: airfreshener ice remover
  • Model Name: Electromagnetic Deicer
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Air Freshener
  • Name: Microwave Molecular Solar Deicing device
  • Feature: Solar Anti freez Snow remover device
  • feature1: Smart technology Car Deicing snow remover

Bullet Points :

1.Light Sensing Automatic Switching: This innovative device can automatically adjust the rotation speed and fragrance diffusion mode according to the light environment, providing you with a hands-free and convenient snow removal experience. 2.Powerful Snow Removal:
This device can generate a lot of energy that makes the air molecules move violently, creating a strong electromagnetic field around your car. This field prevents any ice from forming inside and outside the car, achieving the remarkable phenomenon of antifreeze snow removal. 3.Same Frequency
Vibration : This deicing instrument emits microwaves with frequencies that are similar to the vibration and rotation frequencies of water molecules, which can affect the physical properties of water molecules even at the freezing point and prevent them from forming ice. 4.Natural Fragrance: This snow
removal instrument emits a pleasant flavor that can meet different preferences. You can also choose from other natural 4 fragrances optional. These fragrances are healthy and natural, as they are extracted from plant oils. 5.High-Frequency Fragrance Diffuser: This upgraded turbo diffuser
uses a permanent magnet pure copper motor to generate turbo power and diffuse fragrance in the air of your car. It also has an electromagnetic molecular interference antifreeze function that prevents the fragrance from freezing in cold weather. Description: Introducing the worry-free Electromagnetic Molecular

Antifreeze Snow Removal, designed to keep your car free of ice both inside and out. Using Same Frequency Vibration, it meets different preferences while achieving a high-frequency diffusion of fragrance.

Specification :

Name: solar rotating car aromatherapy fragment holder

material: alloy

Shelf life : three years
Fragrance: cologne, marine flavor, lemon flavor, osmanthus flower flavor

Packing List :

Solar Rotating Car Diffuser*1
Beech Wood Fragrance Tablet*1

Notes :

1. Due to the effect of monitor and light, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.
2. Due to manual measurement, the measurement value is slightly deviated, please understand.

Additional information

Color Name

Cologne, lemon scented, marine scented, osmanthus scented