EAFC Mini Car Jump Starter Power Bank 400A 12V Car Starter Device Power Bank 20000mAh Battery Charger Emergency LED Flashlight

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  • Material Type: ABS
  • Brand Name: EAFC
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Input Interface: USB-C
  • LED Light: yes
  • Socket Type: USB
  • Features1: 100% brand new
  • Features2: With a USB output port
  • Package Includes: Car Jump Starter

1. Please charge after receive jump starter.
2. Charge every 3 months, low power may fail start.
3. Charge phone tablet only occasionally. efficiency is about 70%.

4. The charge speed or discharge speed will be fast during the last 15% power of the jump starter. 
Please do not worry about these problems. This is the characteristic of high-rate lithium batteries, and it will not affect product quality and normal use.

Only cars with a displacement below 2.0L can be started
1. 100% brand new
2. The product adopts high-light technology, small size, easy to carry, lightweight and large capacity.
3. Universal for multiple models, 12V car emergency boot, high-rate battery easy start.
4. With a USB output port, it can charge mobile phones, MP3 and other devices.
5. Equipped with an LED flashlight for emergencies.
6. The high-performance polymer lithium battery cell resists temperature from -20°C to 60°C to ensure that the battery stops and starts normally. The thickened and thick battery clip is safe and does not hurt the car.

1. Material: ABS
2. Size: Approx.13.9×7.8×2.4cm/5.47×3.07×0.94inches
3. Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
4. Input Interface: USB-C
5. LED Light: yes
6. Socket Type: USB
7. Input: 5V/1A
8. Output: 5V/2A, 12V
9. Working Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
10. Applicable Models: 12V gasoline vehicles

Package Includes:
1 x Car Jump Starter

Girls can also use it with confidence
Start steps Simple operation
01 Insert the clip into the power start Port
( More than 75% of power is recommended)
02 Red clip connection car battery positive+
Black clip connection car battery negative level-
03 Go back to the car and start the car

04 Remove the clip after starting 
(It is recommended to remove it within 20 seconds )

Multi-model general,12V Car Emergency Start,Unlimited displacement
2.0 L diesel car
Support the displacement below 12V/2.OL
6.0LPetrol Car
Support within 12V / 6 . 0LPetrol Car

Car start,Large-capacity batteries,Dual USB charging,DO anti-reverse plug interface,Low temperature start,Small and portable,Multiple protection,Emergency lighting

Diesel steam double start

startlanore displacement

Mobile Diqital Power Bank
Smart adaptation
Most digital electronic products on the market

For 90% models
car,SUV,business car,electric car
motorcycle,Van,Pickup,small truck

Highlight emergency lighting
Don’t get dark

Multiple lighting effect modes, LED long-range,burst flash,sos rescue light,Let you face a variety of emergencies calmly.
Chang Liang:Long press the power button for 3 seconds(open/close)
Strobe:Stand-alone switch key under constant light state
SoS:Stand-alone switch key in flashing state

Multiple protection,rest assured to use
Polymer lithium battery,Overcharge protection,Voltage protection
Constant current protection,Short circuit protection,Over discharge protection
Anti-anti-protection,Temperature protection,Magnetic field protection

High and low temperature resistance
Low temperature start
Not afraid of cold and hot summer

Instant start in one second
Automobile ignition artifact

Emergency lighting Multi-function charging Large capacity battery
Car start/Large-capacity batteries/Dual USb charging/DO anti-reverse plug interface
Low temperature start/Small and portable/Multiple lighting/Emergency protection

Seiko Replica  Using highlight technology
Small size and light weight

The product adopts high-gloss technology,similar
products are smaller in size and lighter in weight

For 90%models

car/SUV/business car/electric car
motorcycle/Van/Pickup/small truck

Can power electronic products
With a USB output port,it can be a mobile phone,psd,mp3,mp4 Power supply for PDAs,laptops,car refrigerators and other electronic products

USB output interface

Highlight emergency lighting Don’t get dark
ultiple lighting effect modes,LED long-rangeburst flash,
sos rescue light Let you face a variety of emergencies calmly

Chang Liang:Long press the power button for 3 seconds (open/close)
status/Always on

Strobe:Stand-alone switch key under constant light state
status/Flashing altemately

SOS:Stand-alone switch key in flashing state
status/Three long and two short

Multiple protection,
rest assured to use

Polymer lithium battery/Overcharge protection/Voltage protection
Constant current protection/Short circuit  protection/Over discharge protection
Anti-anti-protection/Temperature protection/Magnetic field protection

Low temperature start
Not afraid of severe cold

High-performance polymer battery cell resists -20°C
severe cold to 60°C high temperature protection The battery stalls and starts normally.


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20000mAh Starter, Starter with Box