Deepened Cast Iron Mini Milk Pan With Wooden Handle And Flat Bottom Omelette Multifunctional Kitchen Cookware

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  • Type: Pans
  • Origin: Mainland China

Product parameters

Name: mini iron pot

Material: cast iron

Weight: 600g

Article number: G901A

Size: small pot diameter 11cm, height 6cm

Package: Bagged

Features: uncoated pots and pans

Applicable stoves: universal, choose the right stove for cooking (induction, electric pottery, gas, etc.)

Lid type: no lid

Features: removable, easy to clean

Before use: 1. cleaning + open pot: first clean the pot with detergent, dry on low heat and clip a piece of fatty pork evenly coated inside the pot, rinse and dry the pot afterwards, then apply a layer of cooking oil inside the pot and leave it for 2~5 hours.

2. black chips off: the initial use may have black chips off, only the carbonized vegetable oil layer, not a quality problem, does not contain harmful substances do not care.

After use: 1. Cleaning: avoid using detergent, it will destroy the oil film resulting in a sticky pan.

2. Preservation: After cleaning, wipe dry and seal to prevent rusting.

3. Evenly apply a layer of oil when preserving, for a better effect.

4. If the pot has rusted, clean the rust and repeat the opening steps to restore the pot as before.

Warm tip: Frosted texture: Cast iron pots and pans are cast in sand molds, so the surface will have a frosted texture unlike stainless steel pots and pans, which are smooth.

Grinding marks: Casting process, there will be inevitable trachoma, grinding marks and other defects, which is normal.

Normal phenomenon can not be controlled by a single person, non-quality issues, does not affect the use.

Additional information

Sheet Size

11cm diameter