Bluetooth GPS Tracker for Apple Air Tag Replacement via Find My to Locate Card Wallet iPad Keys Kids Dog Reverse Position MFI

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  • Operating Language: English
  • Brand Name: DIKELANG
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Smart home platform: Apple HomeKit


Size: 38.2X38.2X6.8MM

Net weight: 8.7g

Battery: CR2032, replaceable battery

Sound: 90DB ≤

Link distance: 10-20 m (indoor),20-60 m (outdoor)

Standby: 1 year

Model: iPhone or iPad is required for pairing. To locate Tag using the find application on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, it is recommended to update the latest version of iOS,iPados or macos.


1. The object locator will be used directly without inserting an SM card.

2. Long endurance, keep on the machine all the time, the longest endurance can reach 1 year.

3. When you open the notice of loss, whether it is wallet, key or other personal belongings, once the belongings are left, the mobile phone will receive a reminder to avoid loss!

4. Wide range of application, the products can be used for keys, car keys, anti-lost shoes, bags, card bags, luggage, outsourcing, luggage and other outdoor products.

5. The operation is simple and can be used by the elderly and children.

Package Included:

1 * Bluetooth Anti-Drop

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