Beok Tuya Smart Home Thermoregulator WIFI Warm Floor Thermostat for Electric Heating Temperature Controller Gas Boiler Yandex

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  • Model Number: TGW60 series
  • Wattage: 3W max
  • Brand Name: beok
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Power Supply: 110-230VAC, 50~60HZ
  • Set Temp. Range: 5-95°C
  • Accurancy:  /-0.5°C
  • Temperature Sensor: NTC 10K 3950 floor sensor
  • WIFI: only 2.4G
  • App: Tuya Smart/ Smart Life
  • Voice Control: Yandex Alice, Amzone Alexa,Google home; Smart speaker alice
  • Programable Automatic Mode: 5 2/6 1/7days mode; 6 periods in weekday and 2 periods in weekend
  • 16A EP Thermoregulator: Thermostat for warm floor electric,Thermostat 220v with sensor
  • 3A WPB Thermoregulator: Gas Boiler Heating (Flow Heater that connected via Dry Connect)
  • 3A WP Thermoregulator: Thermostat for warm floor water


Thermostat: White/Black Wi-Fi Smart thermostat
Voltage:110-230V AC,50/60HZ
Max. Current Load: 16A/3A/3A
Temperature Accuracy: 0.5℃
Temperature Setting: 5-95℃
Voice Control: Yandex Alice, Alexa ,Google Assistant
APP: Smart Life/Tuya Smart


1. Easy to use:
Thermostat flush-mounted, mounting box: 86 x 86 mm square or European 60 mm round box, max. The thermostat does not require complex wiring thanks to adhesive and screw fastening.

2. Three working modes:
Programmable mode, Manual mode and Temporary manual mode.
When you select the temporary manual mode, you can manually adjust the temperature for this time period in the programming mode, so you can choose the mode most suitable for your lifestyle.

3. Three sensor modes:
Floor sensor , Air sensor and air control & floor limitation.
An air sensor is included in every thermostat, but only the EP model includes a floor sensor.

4. The difference:
EP mode : for electric underfloor heating, 16A, max. 3600 watts. it is used to control heating cable, heating film. etc.
WP mode : for water floor heating, 3A , it is used to control normally closed(NC)/normally opend (NO) Electrothermal actuators , valves and pumps .etc.
WPB mode: for gas boiler heating,3A, it is used to control the boilers or hearers which are connected via Dry Connected.

5. Power out memory function:
The programming and settings remains after the power comes back on.

More Features

【Voice Control】
Work with Yandex Alice, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant . ( e.g. : Alexa, set Beok Thermostat to 25°C)


【Smart Phone Remote Control】
Tuya Smart/ Smart Life APP for Android and IOS. App remote control the temperature of your home via WIFI. Even if you are anywhere in the world.


【±0.5°C Accuracy】
The temperature can be controlled within 1℃, makes your more comfortable.


【DIY Weekly Programmable】
with 5 + 2/6 + 1/7 daily programming, you can set different temperatures for 1-6 periods per work days and 2 periods on weekend to match your daily life. Makes your life more easier~


【Brightness adjustable】
There are four levels of screen brightness, and you can turn off the backlight completely during sleep


【Power out Memory】
The thermostat will save all settingg in case of power outages.


Product Size

86 * 86 * 45mm / 3.4 * 3.4 * 1.6inch

mounting box:
86 x 86 mm square or European 60 mm round box

Package Listing

1* Thermostat
1* User Manual
2* Screws
1* 3 meters floor sensor (Only included in EP models)


Wiring Diagram

·TGW60-WIFI-EP(16A for Electric Floor Heating) is used control Heating Cable/Heating Mat/Heating Flim etc. electric floor/underfloor heating system.

·TGW60-WIFI-WP(3A for Water Floor Heating) is used control Valves/Normally Closed Actuators/Normally Opend Actuators etc. water floor/underfloor heating system.

·TGW60-WIFI-WPB(3A for Boiler Heating) is used control gas boiler/electric boiler and other equipment which are connected via "Dry Contact".


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