30cm house renovation Decor 3D Wall Panel Non self-adhesive 3d Wall Sticker stone brick tile living room water proof wallpaper

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  • Censor Code: 8
  • Scenarios: Wall
  • Theme: ABSTRACT
  • Material: PVC
  • Model Number: S080
  • Specification: Single-piece Package
  • Pattern: 3D Sticker
  • Classification: For Cabinet Stove,For Tile,For Wall,Furniture Stickers,Floor Stickers,Window Stickers
  • Style: American Style
  • Brand Name: XBLOOM
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Hierarchical composition: 3D stereoscopic relief
  • Decorative Style: Patterns
  • specifications: 30x30cm
  • grade: Green and tasteless
  • Flower color: Bright white, sub-white
  • function: Fire retardant, mildew proof
  • Texture of material: PVC
  • category: Wallpaper.

Note: Not a plaster mold
Note: The product is not self-adhesive


Note: Not a plaster mold
Note: The product is not self-adhesive

*Advantages: waterproof, antibacterial, mothproof, thermal insulation, easy to wipe clean. Free DIY, installation, random collage, arbitrary cut
*Safety: environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor
* Sound insulation: made of special materials, with sound insulation effect, can let you sleep comfortably
*Anti-collision: PVC plastic material, effectively prevent children from being injured when playing
*Realistic appearance: the three-dimensional embossing effect on the surface provides you with a richer visual experience
*Scope of use: bedroom, living room, dining room, TV background, office, etc.
Size: 30x30cm / 11.8×1.8in
Purchase notice: the color is subject to the actual product color, the product will have color difference
The product is not self-adhesive, you need to buy the glue yourself

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