12V To 220V 4000W Power Inverter LCD Display EU Socket Solar Inverter Dual USB Fast Charging for Phone Laptops Car

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  • is_customized: Yes
  • Size: 18.5*10.2*5.8cm/25*10.2*5.8cm
  • Output Power: 500 – 1000W
  • Type: DC/AC Inverters
  • Origin: Mainland China


1)Read the manual before using and keep it for future reference.
2) Don’t put the inverter under sunshine, heating source, damp environment.
3) The housing of inverter will be calorific when using, please avoid touching the material
that can’t stand high temperature, such as clothes, sleeping bag and carpet, etc.
4) The inverter is designed to use with the negative ground electricalsystem! Don’t use it
with positive ground electrical systems (The majority of modern automobiles, RVs,
trucks and boats are negative ground).
5) Do not disassemble the unit randomly, it maycause fire or electric shock.
6) Keep children away from inverter and don’t allow them to play the unit.
7) The power inverter will output AC power as utility power, please treat the output
terminal as carefully as your home AC socket. Don’t put anyother things into the output
terminal except electrical appliance plug. It will bring danger or fire ifusing in a wrong
8)Disconnect the battery and inverter when the inverter is not in use.
9)Please do not connect to the solar controller directly, only the battery.

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3000W, 4000W

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