You must follow the advertising rules in order to advertise on FindOnNet.
FindOnNet reserves the right to block or suspend any user who abuses, manipulates or uses the Services in violation of the Terms of Use, including the Advertising Rules.
As a user, you are responsible for ensuring that the information you place in advertisements does not violate applicable laws and regulations.
You as a user are personally responsible for your ad.

Business advertisers once again comply with consumer protection laws (including the Consumer Purchase Act, Consumer Services Act and
the Price Information Act) and the General Complaints Board’s recommendations.

Publishing time:
Once the ad is approved, it will be published on the site for the time you have chosen. You, as a user, must remove the ad as soon as the purpose of the advertising is met, e.g. when you sell what you have advertised to minimize the number of stale ads
on the site.

Review and control of ads and users:
FindOnNet reserves the right to control all advertisements and to reject an ad for violating the Terms of Use, third party copyrights, other legal regulations or the principles of FindOnNet.

FindOnNet’s messaging service:
1. Threatening or harassment is not permitted.
2. It is not permitted to use FindOnNet’s messaging service to carry out illegal, misleading or harmful acts.
3. It is not allowed to abuse FindOnNet’s messaging service, e.g. by sending spam or other unwanted messages.
FindOnNet will remove messages with unauthorized content that violate our Terms of Use.
FindOnNet reserves the right to suspend a user who uses it in ways that are detrimental to us or our users.

Refund and credit:
You get a refund for some technical problems or incorrect payments.
Abuse, manipulation or use of the services in violation of FindOnNet’s rules does not entitle you to a refund.

Illegal goods:
Below are some example of illegal goods that are not allowed to be advertised under Swedish law.
1. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco
2. Illegal weapons eg automatic weapons, stilettos and batons
3. Drugs
4. Wireless transmission products on the 1.2 GHz band
5. Some chemical preparations e.g. Quicksilver
6. Human parts
7. Found salary or compensation for the purchase of housing
8. Laser alarms
9. Shares (business transfers allowed)
10. Counterfeit coins and banknotes

Unauthorized goods and services:
Below are some examples of unauthorized goods and services:
1. Health or beauty preparations (except perfumes)
2. Unfair weapons
3. Used underwear
4. Registration paper
5. Parking permit
6. Lenses (when sold by private individuals)
7. Pornography and sex toys
8. Email Addresses
9. Membership on Website
10. Telephone number (however, subscriptions may be transferred in connection with telephone sales)
11- Own radio or TV recordings
12. Offensive propaganda (collectors of World War II are, however, usually allowed)
13. Franchise operations
14. Products to unlock mobile phones
15. Replica of illegal weapons
16. Some foods eg. caviar
17. Products intended to avoid / make tax collection more difficult
18. Laser pointers exceeding 5 mw and all green laser pointers
19. Business transfers of companies or businesses outside the Nordic or EU
1. Childcare (temporary as well as long-term, eg day mother)
2. Broker services
3. SMS services
4. Seek employment
5. Tattoo (when this service is performed by a private person)