THERMOMIX-ROBOT home vinyl kitchen, TM6, decorate your machine, cook with vinyl, stickers

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High quality vinyl with gloss finish, very eye-catching and aesthetically insurmountable

Durability of over 10 years in printing and finishing

Printed with inks eco

Printed Full Color, non-slip and pleasant touch

Easy installation and disassembly.

Reusable vinyl and with option to save it (or replace it with another) on the silicon base on which it is delivered

Fits perfectly to the Thermomix TM6.

Easy access to the machine buttons.

It leaves No residue after being removed.

Protect the Thermomix from scratches, dust and give it a decorative touch.

Lengthen machine warranty

It does not affect the Thermomix guarantee, you will keep it as the first day

The Pack includes:

-1 x full Thermomix TM6 vinyl

  • Decorative adhesive vinyl for TM6, covers the whole machine. Decorate your THERMOMIX

Important note: Thermomix is a trademark of Vorwerk.

  • Vinyls are developed by tusvinyls independently and without any connection to Vorwerk.

Use instructions:

For a correct installation of vinyl it is absolutely mandatory that the surface where it is to be glued is completely clean and dry.

-Clean the surface with a damp cloth.

-Dry with a clean cloth without releasing cellulose or leaving residue.

-Install the vinyl.

In case you get up and for some reason don’t hit,Use a dryer for a few seconds, Crush it against the surface while we go over it all the way, wait a few seconds and it will be fixed very hard.

We will not be responsible for bad vinyl manipulation.

Difficulty installation:Very easy

All vinyls are thoroughly reviewed before sending them, this means that all the cuts the vinyl has are correct and tested before shipping.

Vinyls fit perfectly into the machine, in case they do not fit, please check the handling/installation.

Vinyl can be lifted and pasted many times, bonded by static electricity, not glue.