Self-adhesive Bendable Water Retaining Strip Wet And Dry Separation Kitchen Countertops Dam Barrier Bathroom Door Threshold

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  • Model Number: Shower Water Dam
  • Style: Triangle
  • Size: Others
  • Application: BASIN
  • Material: Silicone
  • Floor Drain Method: Gravity Flushing
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Drains
  • Model Number: Water Rretaining Strip
  • Color: White/Clear/Black/Gray
  • Type: Drains
  • Style: Triangle
  • Length: 50cm/80cm/100cm/120cm/150cm/200cm
  • Application: Floor
  • Door Weatherstrip: Flood Barrier
  • Water Blocker: Bathroom Wet,Bathroom Water Dam
  • Water Stopper: Bathroom Fixtures
  • Silicone Water Barrier: Self-adhesive Tape
  • Water Stop Strip: Shower Room Accessories
  • Water Retaining Strip: Silicone Bathroom Water Stopper
  • Waterstopper: Rubber Dam
  • Bathroom Accessories: Shower Block
  • Silicone Water Barriers: Bathroom Sseparator
  • Shower Water Dam: Shower Stopper
  • Shower Water Barrier: Shower Dam Barrier
  • Sink Water Splash Guard: Bathroom Door Threshold
  • Bendable Water Retaining Strip: Water Splash Guard
  • Function: Same-layer Side-drain Floor Drain
  • Feature 1: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature 2: Water Stopper
  • Feature 3: Wet And Dry Separation
  • Feature 4: Shower Door Threshold
  • Feature 5: Bendable Water Retaining Strip

Self-adhesive Bendable Water Retaining Strip Wet And Dry Separation Kitchen Countertops Dam Barrier Bathroom Door Threshold

1.Heightening and widening: 50mmX30mm. The new collapsible water dam is designed to collapse when it is stepped on or rolled over and then return to its original shape. In this way, while ensuring the safety of the family, it also realizes the separation of wet and dry in the bathroom.
2.It can be easily cut into the length you need with a utility knife. It has the entire back adhesive design, easy to fix the water dam during installation. We recommend that you apply silica gel to the connection between the dam and the ground for long-term use to prevent leakage. (NOT INCLUDED GLUE)
3.It is high enough to withstand the trouble of submerged floor drainand isolate the shower room from the outside world. After installation, water leakage can be avoided and the bathroom can be kept clean. It does not get moldy. To avoid the troubles caused by humid environment. It can be applied to shower pan, kitchen sink, toilet, and so on.
4.Made of very stable, high-quality soft rubber material, widely used in aviation and medical materials. Water Dam can be used with confidence. The newly designed shower dam type water retaining dam has a long and flexible design to create various shapes, and you can easily cut it to the required length.

How To Use:
1.Wiping off the water and dust on the ground.
2.Determining the position of the water retaining strip and mark it with a pen on the ground.
3.Remove the self adhesive and install the water barrier in the marked position.
4.Seal the rubber strip at the position where the two ends of the water retaining strip are in contact with the wall.
5.Apply glue on both sides of the water stopper and apply evenly.

1. The product is not equipped with glue. It is recommended that the customer purchase and use glass glue for reinforcement, which can last longer.

Package Included:
1 x Water Retaining Strip

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Black, Gray, Transparent, White

Outer Diameter

100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 120cm, 50cm, 80cm