Portable Anti Body Cellulite Wrinkle Remover Slimming Beauty Machine 4D Roller Facial Vibrating Massager Face Shaping Tool


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  • Brand Name: Hailicare
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: electric
  • Model Number: Slimming Beauty Machine
  • Type: Portable Anti Body Cellulite Wrinkle Remover
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Portable Anti Body Cellulite Wrinkle Remover Slimming Beauty Machine 4D Roller Facial Vibrating Massager Face Shaping Tool

​Multi-function slimming beauty machine of micro current and vibration:

Developed from korea hi-technology of unique and satisfactory beauty and health effect,this machine tightens your skin,enhances skin’s elasticity and cell metabolism ,with the comfortable high frequency vibration and micro current pulse on the body.


With high frequency of vibration,this machine activates and dissolves fat granule,thus slims part of your body in a short time without hard physical exercise.
The machine makes good lymphatic drainage and meridian unclogging by applying high efficient modulated micro current pulse on the skin,acupuncture points and meridians.
The micro current produces micro waves deeply to the subcutis and muscles to maintain the skin’s elastic fiber,glial tissue,and reduces the wrinkles.
With the safe voltage stimulating and physical vibration,it enhances the blood circulation in the vessels,exercise the muscle’s fiber and achieves the aerobic exercise of the muscles.The cells become more vital and nutritious,and the metabolism is enhanced.As a result,the skin is tightened,elastic is increased and it is more anti-aging.
This machine emits blue lights on the skins and enhances the collagen regeneration.It reduces the microbial and comfort the skins.
This machine is fixed with two Y shape located Birkin massage wheels.It is so perfect.

Product Parameters:

Shell Material: ABS

Mass: 190g


Bulit-in Battery: 3.7V

Rated Output Power: 0.5W

Charging Time: 2-3hours

Beautician practices:

Facial care:

Cheek massage:The roller on the cheeks,pulling from the cheek to the direction of rolling lobe.

Chin massage:The roller lifting to the skin at the same time,the rolling direction to the chin.

Neck massage:Scroll up and down the neck.

Body massage technique:

Arm :Push and pull on the arm before and after the massage.

Chest :Scroll to the chest from armpit one -way pulling.

Abdominal :Rolling back and forth in the abdomen to the chest up and down.

Waist :Rolling the other direction on the waist sash ,massage a few times.

Legs:Rolling the thigh and the knee up and down.


Button ON/OFF:power switch
Button VM:vibration power switch,total 4 speeds,increased one speed by pressing one time,displayed on LCD as “speed”
Button MC:micro current switch,total 3 power levels,increased one level by pressing one time,displayed on as “M-Current”
Button L&M:switch of 620nm LED microbial light and current pulse mode ;turn off by pressing it long;press shortly to change pulse mode of 1/2/3,relating to pulse duration of 0.5 second and 0.25 second,uninterrupted discharge;displayed on LCD as”Model:1/2/3”
During using,turn on the power switch,select one function or several functions together (e.g the vibration speed,micro current level and duration,microbial light)and move the machine to act the wheels on the favorite part of your body.
Turn off the power switch after use;this machine can turn off automatically if it is not operated after 20 minutes.

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