DELIXI CDPV1-20 Photovoltaic Solar Fuse Holder With 10*38mm DC 1000V 1A 5A 10A 15A 20A For Combiner Box Solar System Protection


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Solar Panels, Solar Photovoltaic, DC Strings. ADVICE: Always use fuses on positive and negative terminal on any photovoltaic string rated up to 1000VDC

Electrical Characteristics:

Rated voltage 1000VDC

Amps 1A,2A,4A,5A,10A,12A,15A,20A

Rated braking capacity 33kA dc

Minimum interrupting rating 1.3x In

Time constant under 1ms

Fuse Holder for PV String Fuses:

This holder is suitable for PV fuses rated 1A, 3A,5A,10A, 15A, 20A, 25A and 30A. The maximum voltage is 1000V. The fuse holder can be combined with the following PV String Fuses which is essential protection for solar panels. – 1000V DC-20B – Modular 45mm cut out – 1 module (17,5mm) X pole – Mounting 35mm DIN rail – High temperature resistant plastics – Elevated insulation characteristics.

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10A 1PCS, 12A 1PCS, 15A 1PCS, 1A 1PCS, 20A 1PCS, 2A 1PCS, 4A 1PCS, 5A 1PCS, 6A 1PCS, Fuse base 1PCS