868Mhz Wireless Remote Control for Electric Door Security Alarm

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Description :

868Mhz Wireless Remote Control for Electric Door Security Alarm

 Feature :

1. Copy most radio fixed code remote controls
2. Self-learning remote control, easy to program your remote.
3. Four Buttons to Operate 4 Different Garage Doors or Gates.
4. Mainly apply to car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc.

Specification :

Material : ABS & Metal
Color : Black & Chrome
Frequency : 868MHz
Distance : Up to 30 meters radius
4 buttons : Lock, Unlock, Truck, Panic
Size : 58 x 32 x 12mm / 2.28 x 1.26 x 0.47 inch (LxWxH)

Fully compatible with the following Marantec 868 Mhz remote models :
Marantec D302 D304 D313 D321 D323

This remote clones and replaces Marantec 868 Mhz Black Backed models. Do not confuse with grey backed models.
This remote will work with ALL listed compatible remote models.

How to duplicate your remote :

Step 1 : Erase the remote
1)Click and Hold Lock and Unlock buttons together – Led will flash 3 times
2)Keep holding lock button and release unlock button
3)Keep holding lock button and push unlock button 3 times, Led will start flashing Non-stop

Step 2 : clone your original remote
1)Put both remotes Into back to Back position. Make sure they have direct contact
2)Click and hold 1 button on your original remote and 1 button on your clone remote. Keep holding until led will  make  2 blinks then  3 blinks then goes into Steady and you have successfully cloned.

If for some reason the clone does not go further then 2 blinks , it means the signal does not go through, please shift the remote slowly up and down until you get the point where it will go through.

Package includes :

1 x 868 Mhz Wireless Remote Control

Details pictures :