10pcs/set Dental HP Tungsten Carbide Cutter KIT Dental Burs Drills Tungsten Steel Material 2.35mm


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10x Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Steel Dental Lab Burs Polisher Tooth Drill 2.35mm

s-l1600 (1)
Shank Diameter:2.35mm/
Fit for Dental Handpiece with 3/32 inch collect
The main features of carbide rotary burs :
It can be used in processing all kinds of metals(it involved all kinds of Hardened Steel)and nonmetal(such as marble , Jade , bone ),
The hardness of the workpiece is up to <HRC70;
The small, short-handled grinding wheel can be replaced by it in most part of work without dust pollution;
It has high processing quality ,high polishing, and can processing various shapes moulds with high precision .
It has long service life, 10 times longer than the high speed steel cutter, 200 times longer than the durability of the small grinding wheel;
It is not only easy to master,use, but also safe and reliable. labor intensity can be reduced ,and better the working environment.
High economic efficiency,and comprehensive processing cost Can be reduced 10 times around .
Carbide rotary burrs are usually driven by hand-held electric, or wind-energy tools (also available on machine tools).
The speed of an electric or wind-energy tool is usually 6000-50000 revolutions per minute.
The tool must be clamped rightly when using. It is better to choose reverse milling as cutting type to avoid reciprocating cutting. The work should be to avoid the chip flying,
Please wear the protective glasses to avoid scraps flying-out when you are working.
Set of 10 pcs in one plastic box.

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