100ML Hot 1PCS New Multi – Functional Foam Cleaner All – Purpose Almighty Water Cleaner Car Interior Cleaning Agent


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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material Type: Foam Cleaner
  • Item Type: Leather & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Item Volume: 100ML
  • Special Features: Foam Cleaner
1. Remove stains from car interiors. Such as ceiling, (leather or fabric) seats, seat cushions, foot pads, etc., including oil stains and dirt on plastic parts such as instrument panels and door panels; spray this product on the oil stains, wipe gently, and then wipe them out with a towel, oil stains Except for it, restore it in time.
2. Cleaning of household appliances and seat surfaces: first spray this product on a dry cloth or directly on the surface of the cleaning object, and then gently wipe it to achieve a clean and new perfect effect.
3. Clean carpet stains: Tea stains, beverage stains and other dirt on the carpet, just use this product, gently rub and use it to absorb cloth or paper towels, that is, restore clean and beautiful.
4. Clean clothes stains: Evening wear, suits or shirts are accidentally stained with food juice, just spray this product, rub it lightly and suck it with a dry cloth or paper towel. After drying, it will be clean and beautiful.
Rinse-free formula: Water based cleaner only needs water to transform cleaning solution in foam form. No rinsing is required after cleaning.
Safe on all interior surfaces: Safe on all interior surfaces including steering wheels, stereos, dashboards, door panels, center consoles and more.
Keep your car fresh: Garden-fresh lavender scent keeps car interior fresh and neutralizes odor.
Net Content: 100ml
Product Name: automotive foam cleanser
Product size: about 16 * 4.7cm
Package including
1 x Car interior cleaning agent