100 pcs Tattoo Recovery Cream Vitamin A Vitamin D Ointment Top Tattoo Repairing Cream Tattoo essential products High

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  • Type: Tattoo accesories
  • Model Number: Tattoo Recovery Cream
  • Material: Vitamin A vitamin D Ointment
  • Brand Name: LAIKOU
  • Package size: :21x14x5cm
  • Qty: :100pcs

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100 pcs Tattoo Recovery Cream Vitamin A+Vitamin D Ointment Top Tattoo Repairing Cream Tattoo essential productS

100% brand new and high quality!
Tattoo Aftercare Ointments anti-scar cream tattoo – tattoo dedicated to repair damaged skin and accelerate skin healing
Tattoo anti-scar cream recover repair cream: Tattoo for supplies – for tattoo after care and maintenance, wiping 2-3 times a day, lightly coated with a layer continuously for a week. Tattoo essential products.

Material:Vitamin A + vitamin D Ointment
Qty: 100pcs
Package size: 21x14x5cm

Package included:
100 pcs/ lot Tattoo Recovery Cream
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