10 Seconds Convenient Electric Wash Makeup Brush Dryer Cleaner Device Make up Brushes Washing Cleanser Cleaning Machine Tool

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  • Brand Name: MSQ
  • Size: 12*10cm
  • Brush Material: Badger
  • Brush Material: Bristle
  • Brush Material: Goat Hair
  • Brush Material: Nylon
  • Brush Material: Silicone
  • Brush Material: Sponge
  • Brush Material: Weasel
  • Brush Material: Horse Hair
  • Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
  • Brush Material: Plastic
  • Brush Material: Kolinsky Hair
  • Brush Material: FEATHER
  • Brush Material: Raccoon
  • Brush Material: Wool Fiber
  • Brush Material: Mink Hair
  • Brush Material: Squirrel Hair
  • Used With: Highlighter Brush
  • Quantity: 1set
  • Model Number: Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Cleaning + drying combo: suitable for most makeup brushes
  • 8 kinds of silicone sleeves: equipped with 8 kinds of silicone sleeves
  • Easy to use: use a makeup brush to install the rotator; rotate and rinse; turn dry

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Handle Color

red color, black color, white color

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China, United States, Germany, Spain, Australia, Russian Federation, France, Italy